10 Stupidly Simple Ways to Think Like a Genius

By on September 3, 2013

Fotolia_51998016_XSYou’ve been in the situation where there are several TV programs airing at the same time but you can’t tune in properly to any of them because there’s too much noise going on in the background mixing each one up.

Well, in terms of personal development this situation is similar to the way our minds react when we’re trying to think. It’s frustrating to say the least. But wouldn’t it be great if you were able to just tune in and think clearly whenever you needed to (without all that background noise going on)?

Here are ten of the most effective ways of achieving exactly that:

1.    Improve your sleep pattern

Sleep requirements vary, but the minimum is typically at least five hours a night. Research suggests that once this minimum quantity is met, sleep quality then becomes ever more important for a normally functioning brain.

2.    Avoid sugars & simple carbohydrates

These cloud your thinking. To demonstrate this, try eating a sugary snack (prior to food) and then performing mental arithmetic thirty minutes later. Performance is typically worse.

3.    Avoid alcohol

Moderate amounts may appear to be contributing to creative thinking for some, however, research consistently indicates this as being bad for longer term brain health.

4.    Organize your workspace

It’s rare for anyone to work more efficiently in a mess. An organized workspace has the added benefit that you won’t keep being distracted trying to lay your hands on things.

5.    Practice meditation

Rather than thinking you haven’t got time for this, try closing your eyes and focus on your breathing, for just 5 minutes. Prepare for your mind to drift, but consistently return your focus to your breathing.

6.    Go for a walk

Just down tools and go do it. Come back refreshed and with a revised mindset.

7.    Free your mind of annoyances

There may be a telephone call you have to make or an appointment you keep postponing. Allow yourself to identify such stressors and take action so you can release them. Even identifying a problem, then accepting there’s nothing you can do to solve it right away will often reduce or eliminate subconscious worrying.

8.    Decide confidently and quickly

Nothing will inhibit your clear thinking as much as a cluster of unmade decisions. At the very least, decide when you’re going to make those decisions.

9.    Consistently meet your body’s needs

It’s more difficult to think clearly when you’re hungry or thirsty so try to eat regularly and always keep hydrated,

10. Fill your lungs with fresh air, breathing in deeply through the nose

Combining that with the walk outside I mentioned earlier will make a measurable difference.


You may be thinking that you already know all this stuff, that it’s obvious. Well, ‘knowing’ isn’t the same as ‘doing’, so why not go and put a few of these into practice right now. When you’re ready, please feedback and let me know how you’re getting on by posting a comment below.

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