7 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Stamp Out Stress

By on September 3, 2013

Fotolia_45463112_XSStress management and preventing burnout are critical factors to monitor in your quest for ongoing health and well-being.

Here are seven ways you can actively combat work stress before it takes hold:

1.   Communicate effectively

If a colleague is giving you stress it’s likely that one or both of you is not communicating effectively:

  • Look at it from their perspective so you can better understand their viewpoint
  • Listen to their needs to see how they can be addressed. If you can meet their needs, a source for conflict can rapidly be removed together with the stress that comes with it
  • If you’re better able to communicate your own needs, you’re more likely to get agreement from others
2.   Think positively

If things aren’t going right, you may fall into the trap of thinking negatively. It’s easy to say you don’t like your job, but what steps are you actually taking to correct this?

  • If you’ve already got a positive attitude, it’ll be that much easier to maintain the momentum and drive you’ll need to solve any work problems.
  • It’s possible that things at work aren’t as bad as you think. If you focus on what’s going well, it’ll give you less stress, more patience and lead to better overall job satisfaction.
3.   Look after yourself

If you’re dedicated to your work, there is a possibility you may start to lose yourself in it. You may begin to feel that your work has started to become your whole life. If that’s the case, it’s best to take a step back and focus on taking care of yourself.

  • Look after your body and exercise regularly, eat nutritious foods, and make sure you get sufficient sleep
  • Have regular breaks and enjoy something unrelated to work
  • Avoid staying late at work or bringing work back home. Of course, at times it may be less stressful to simply stay and complete a project, rather than be overdue in completing it. (If this is the case on a regular basis you may also need to concentrate on strengthening your time management skills)
4.   Accept we’re all human

The drive for perfection is in itself an unfortunate stress inducer. So, accept that everyone can make mistakes.  If you are able to develop a level of trust in other people to get the job done correctly, you and your team can continue to produce quality work. And, if you remain flexible, it’s less likely you’ll feel stressed.

5.   Be understanding of other points of view

If you understand your line manager’s expectations, then you’re in a position to take better action to either meet them or to tactfully make known your own expectations.

6.   Get organized

Being organized can be critical to achieving work stress relief. If your working environment isn’t organized, it’s likely to lead to disorganization within your own mind. Your thoughts may become fragmented to the point you’ll be less able to think effectively on your feet, leading to heightened stress.

7.   Take responsibility

Simply by taking responsibility for your own actions, by remaining accountable, you’ll be focused on consistent self-improvement without the need for making any excuses. So stress is dramatically reduced.


Minimizing stress at work will take practice, however the results you’ll get will continue to reward you. Have I left anything out that works, or is working for you now? Let me know by posting a comment below.

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