7 Shockingly Powerful Life Skills You Didn’t Know You Knew

By on September 4, 2013

Fotolia_42683824_XSIf you’ve ever imagined your life could be a lot better and more fulfilling than it is right now then read on.

Here are my seven ‘drop dead simple’ health and wellness tips:

Hot Tip # 1

Forgive and forget.

Please read that last sentence again because it’s deceptively simple yet incredibly powerful.

Whether imagined or real, slights should be forgiven. Neither dwell on them nor remember any angry feelings you harbored whenever you look back on that moment. Holding a grudge will not hurt the begrudged as much as it will hurt you or your existing relationships.

If there are any long-standing rifts or fights between you and anyone be it colleague, friend, or spouse that have damaged your relationship or have ended it entirely, then make amends.

You’ll be staggered at how amazing you’ll feel after fixing things up between yourselves. This one simple action is without doubt one of the greatest single advances you’ll ever make towards your personal development.

Hot Tip # 2

Get up early.

Unless you’re not a morning person, this tip will dramatically improve the quality of your day putting you in a good mood, from the outset, to face the day’s challenges and adversities. You can compensate for the time adjustment by going to bed a little earlier.

The best way to wake up is with an alarm clock (one that has a subtle but persistent beeping tone). To alleviate potential early morning sluggishness take a cool shower (alternatively splash your face with cold water) and some light stretches together with some deep breathing exercises.

A magical reward is to then step outside and witness the sunrise. Alternatively, take a brisk walk or a run. After 20 minutes or so come back inside and get on with whatever morning ritual you choose to follow.

This is a simple but incredibly satisfying tip and will help you enormously.

Hot Tip # 3

Eat breakfast.

It’ll give you the energy you’re going to need to get you through your daily tasks. If time is an issue, have some cereal and a few pieces of fresh fruit.

Getting in to this habit will also minimize the likelihood of you bingeing later in the day and actually help with overall weight control.

Hot Tip # 4

Smile more at other people.

Even if you feel self-conscience try doing so whilst making eye contact. This will not only lift your spirits (as some will smile back), but it will lift other people’s as well.

Hot Tip # 5

When you have things on your mind that you need to get done jot them down.

No need for a lengthy log but in point form on paper, in an electronic diary or smart phone.

This straightforward task will immediately put your mind at rest (a particularly valuable tip at night for when your mind is still active and you’re trying to wind down and get off to sleep).

Hot Tip # 6

Avoid procrastination.

As you know, the more you put one thing off and then another, the more those unappealing chores will pile up.

Instead, take these tasks and start working them into your schedule so they’ll get done.

Hot Tip # 7

Do something spontaneous and kind for someone else today.

Tell your family and friends that you love them. Buy flowers for a friend, simply because they mean a lot to you. Offer to help a friend out with a chore or look after the kids for someone you know so they can have a night out.

These tips really are drop-dead simple but incredibly powerful. Here they are again:

1. Forgive and forget

2. Get up early and get out

3. Eat breakfast

4. Smile more at others

5. Write things down that need to get done

6. Stop procrastinating

7. Help others


Give them a go and I promise you’ll never look back in regret. Let me know how you get on by posting a comment below.

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