7 Warning Signs Your Work Life Balance is Collapsing

By on September 3, 2013

Fotolia_42956520_XSWell-designed and controlled work life balance studies can be challenging to interpret at the best of times. However, one consistent theme that emerges from the multitude of them is that people tend to feel life is running them down and they’re just not sure what to do about it. You’ll commonly see articles that tell you work-life balance isn’t possible. A typical reported statistic is that approximately 85% of working women consider work-life balance unachievable whilst for men the statistic is slightly higher (90%).

Again, a common thread amongst people participating in these surveys is that they felt the work-life programs offered by their employer were at best ineffectual or else inaccessible.

Interestingly, the majority of the respondents thought their failure to achieve work-life balance was linked to the failure of their company’s respective work-life programs. Collectively they indicated the 7 most frequently reported signals that work/life wasn’t balanced were:

1. Inability to focus on key tasks

2. Feeling constantly stressed, angry and/or ‘on-edge’

3. Feeling tired all the time

4. Poor or worsening relationship with those closest to them; behavioral problems with children

5. Reduced work performance; loss of interest or drive in day-to-day work

6. Difficulty in sleeping or getting to sleep

7. Insufficient time being allocated to spend with friends or for pursuing hobbies

The reality is that work-life balance is achievable, however it’s unlikely to be achieved as a direct result of any company sponsored program in isolation.

Can you relate to any of these common signals? If you’d like to share your thoughts or experiences on this please feel free to post a comment below. It would be good to hear from you.

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