Airbus Heaven: Make Business Trip Preparation a Breeze

By on September 3, 2013

Fotolia_5814625_XSDespite all the technology there are still times you need to get on a plane. But it needn’t be a drag to get organized and can be made more comfortable and reassuring by following these simple tips:

One Small Bag Makes Traveling Easier

Trying to remember everything you might need is kept much simpler if you keep a small toiletry or cosmetic back pre-packed. That way, should it be necessary for you to travel in a hurry your ‘travel bag’ is always at the ready and can be simply thrown into your carry-on.

Sensory Protection

Ensure you pack items to help you sleep when you need to, or at least ‘switch off’ from other distractions. Include a pair of soft sealing earplugs together with a comfortable memory-foam sleeping masks.

Hydration Protection

Flying dehydrates your skin and is made worse by being exposed to an overly air-conditioned and dry environment. Carry a small (hotel-sized) bottle of moisturizer in your travel bag together with a tube of lip balm to prevent and soothe the discomfort of dry skin.

Medicinal Protection

Pack ibuprofen or aspirin like analgesic for use in the event of headache or other bodily pain. A pack of antacid in chewable or liquid sachet form can be helpful in the event of a bad reaction to food. Also include cold/flu decongestant tablets which will tide you over until you can get to a local pharmacy or supermarket.

Sanitation and Health Protection

You may not always have easy access to soap and water so a miniature pack of hand sanitizer or sanitary wipes is a good idea.

Miscellaneous Essentials

Keep a supply of small zip lock bags for going through security checks. Keep your lotions, balms and other items in a zip lock bag within your travel bag. That way they can easily be taken out and displayed for security. Gum is also useful for freshening your breath and relieving pressure in the ears that can build up during flight.


Use this checklist as a starting point for adding other essential items if appropriate. Having this small bag on stand-by at all times will help ease some of the hassle that comes with business travel.

If I’ve missed out your favorite tip please let me and others know by posting up a quick comment below.

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