Bad Habit Assassin: Identify and Eliminate Like a Pro

By on September 3, 2013

iStock_000017482380_LargeWell done. By reading this you’ve already taken an important first step (from a personal development perspective) in recognizing your bad habits by acknowledging you’ve got some.

Perhaps you thought they weren’t all that bad to begin with. After all, you could easily break them whenever you wanted, right? Like smoking. The point here is that insignificant bad habits are a myth. Whatever they are, they need to be taken seriously and dealt with rather than you continuing to justify them.

The next step for you is to regain control of any of those bad habits by identifying them and writing them down. Be objective in terms of the degree to which you indulge in these habits and to what extent (personally, socially, financially) they affect your life and what positive effects a change could make. Clearly, the longer period of time you’ve been addicted to one bad habit or the other, the more difficult it’s going to be for you to let it go.

Bad habits not only waste your time, but also your money and strength. They continue to cause negativity in your mind and life until you discover a means of living with them instead of simply breaking them.

Now take a moment to write down some good habits you’d like to acquire. They could be the exact opposite of all your bad habits. For example, one of your bad habits might be drinking to excess whilst watching TV so the good habit might be to reduce or even stop drinking. Set yourself stretched but realistic time limits for replacing the bad with the good.

Place the list of positive good habits in a prominent place where you’ll have ready access to them each day (because negative bad habits tend to be relatively easy to establish compared with good habits, so this form of positive, regular and consistent reinforcement will be helpful to you).

Work on modifying your routine and avoid any person, place or thing that could end up tempting you in a negative way. Remember to aim to replace the space created as the bad habit leaves your body with something that feels positive and good. You have a clear choice, starting today. Let me and others know how you get on and post a comment below.

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