Bored at Work? 3 Blindingly Easy Ways to Change It

By on September 4, 2013

Fotolia_2511993_XSLet’s cut to the chase because I don’t want to make this personal development exercise any more complicated for you than it need be:

  1. Focus on people affected by the task (rather than actual task itself). For example, chartered accountancy may be considered boring by some but the work itself has the effect of helping the client achieve necessary and far-reaching goals (for example, doing accounting work for a manufacturing firm helps all the people who use their products)
  2. View the task as steps towards solving an even larger puzzle. Tracking a project budget might seem boring to some but when considered from the perspective of freeing up resources to facilitate the setting up of new projects – that’s a different story!
  3. Engage in more exciting tasks outside work. Take on fun, recreational activities outside of work so you feel that your life isn’t boring overall. That way you can view the occasional boring tasks at work from a different perspective and therefore with renewed vigour.

Now that you’ve read this, don’t file it away in your mind and let it stagnate. Promise to yourself that for the next 10 boring tasks you have to deal with over the coming weeks you’ll put them through the steps above and see what a difference it makes. If you’ve had some success perhaps you could post some tips or thoughts for others to share.

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