Here’s Why Passion Is the GPS of Your Soul

By on January 1, 2017
Passion is the GPS of your Soul

Passion – The GPS Of The Soul

I hear a lot of talk these days about GPS devices and how they have revolutionized the manner in which people look for directions about their destination on road.

It is really wonderful to know that I need not ask any person on road the location of the place I want to go. Such a device fitted in my car or my smartphone will give instructions while driving or even while walking on foot to easily reach my destination. At times I wonder how difficult it must have been for people to ask for help from strangers to know which way to move on road to get to a location.

In much the same way, wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea to have a GPS system to guide the soul? I for one envy those who look so calm and composed all the time, knowing full well which decision to take and which direction to move when caught in different situations in their lives. There are so many situations in my life when I face a dilemma, not knowing which way to turn to and what way to react to a person. These are the times I dearly wish I had a GPS to guide my soul to help me take the right decision. Four considerations here:

1. Search for inner guidance from a mentor outside

Many men and women look for help from a friend or a guide to know which way to proceed or what decision to take when facing a tough situation in life.

Of course, there are many who take a decision on the spur of the moment. Then there are men and women who choose the right path based upon the teachings of their elders and teachers. I know of men and women who are instinctive by nature and take a decision based upon their liking whether they have to choose between dresses, foods, or even friends. I for one feel that it is a better option to look inwards for guidance than waiting for a nod from friends, peers, and family members. You will find that you are able to take a better decision this way than when you consult everyone important in your life.

Let me tell you one thing very succinctly. Be crystal clear about your goals and what you want from your life in general. This requires you to be aware of things and people who are important for you. In fact, pondering about these things will make you aware of your passions. I have some dreams while my friend has other dreams in their eyes. Every individual is pursuing their dreams. I am aware of things that excite and motivate me. I know they serve as a fuel for my efforts and they keep me going when the chips are down. You must find out your own passions in life as they serve as the GPS for your soul. Once this GPS is ‘on’, you will remain on track and easily move forward in your life.

I can tell from my own experience that being clear in my mind about things and people important for me has allowed me to have lot more fun and enjoyment than other people I have come across. Because of this clarity in my mind, I have been able to live a much more meaningful life than many others. It is this GPS situated deep inside my heart that has always guided me and kept me on the right track. It has helped me not just in my personal life with relationships but also in my health and fitness and even at my workplace. It is indeed a very comforting thought to have someone so close to your heart, telling you what to do and where to go when life becomes confusing.

2. Do what makes you happy 

Everyone is unique and therefore different from others. Different people enjoy doing different things and they also have different dreams and passions. I love to do gardening while my wife loves to spend time with her dogs. My friend enjoys riding his motorcycle and takes it out for a ride on the highway whenever he has free time. People are forced to live fast paced lives in present times, leaving little time for them to indulge in activities that excite them and give them pure, unadulterated joy. They realize what they are missing out on when they indulge in activities that they enjoy by heart. Of course you may find it difficult to take time out every day to indulge in such activities. I make sure that I get a few hours for myself during the weekend.

If you do not understand why I am recommending doing activities that you love so much, it is to give your soul what it needs badly. Yes, it is certainly not the main purpose of your soul but it needs nourishment like a plant. You see the plant growing fast when it receives sunshine and water. Similarly, the lighter and happier your soul, the more the joy you get in your life.

3. Try to absorb or assimilate the qualities of your icons

Consider your heroes from different walks of life. They could, for example, be artists, sportspersons, political leaders or even businessmen. Find out the qualities that attract you to your icons. Write these attributes down on a piece of paper and try to instill them as habits.

4. Do not compare yourself with others

I feel you should never compare yourself with others and try to become like them. You have your own individuality that makes you unique and thereby different from others. Accept your plus points and frailties so you don’t end up feeling, frustrated and disappointed. It is a good thing to try hard to reach your goals but the important thing is to remember that the present moment is the only moment that you have. There is no use crying over spilt milk. Similarly, why worry about something that has not happened yet?

Know your true passions in life and pursue them with your might. It is these passions that will serve as the GPS of your soul. Want to share your experience? Feel free to comment below.

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