How to be a Successful Entrepreneur While Raising Kids

By on June 13, 2018

As a parent, you may know that raising kids is not a breezy walk in the park; just as every entrepreneur knows that setting up and running a business is a task no less easier.

To put these two together, you may think that raising kids and being a successful entrepreneur at the same time is impossible. At one point, you will have to choose one over the other. Although this may be the case, it is encouraging to hear the success of other entrepreneurs in their businesses, all the while juggling with their role as parents to their own children.

It’s common for new parents, or individuals who make their own families a priority over everything else, to just stick to safer grounds and who prefer to remain in their more stable jobs than venture into the unpredictable world of managing their own businesses. However, parenthood can be a great motivation in starting a business.

A survey done by Yell Business showed that 79%, which is comprised of parents, of the 1,500 participating small business owners consider their businesses “very successful” and “quite successful”. Non-parents composed the 67% that gave the same rating to their business. In busy cities, attaining work-life balance can be even more challenging. However, parenthood does not have to limit anyone from venturing into a business. According to ParentpreneurAccelerator founder Alexis Kingsbury, there are three reasons for this phenomenon:

  1. Being a parent changes how you define success. The success of your business is not to turn it into a “billion dollar enterprise” – a parent’s goals change towards “a good income, financial freedom and ability to spend time with family”
  2. Age and experience
  3. Being a parent opens doors to meeting new people who may not only share with you parenting experience, but may also chance to become a business contact, a collaborator, or an investor.

Now, the question is, how do parents be successful business people whilst rearing their children? Here’s how:

♦ Plan ahead and stick to prioritiesNellie Akalp, the CEO of the online legal document filing service, runs her multi-million dollar firm along with raising her brood of four. She wisely plans, prioritizes, and compartmentalizes her time to get the most out of it. She limits her work from 8 until 5, the most, and puts on the role of being a parent outside those times. To keep her from working at home, she doesn’t bring her computer home with her. That way, all her attention is to her children.

Planning ahead on how you should make use of the time on your hands is easier than actually executing that plan. In the majority of times, you’ll procrastinate over a task longer than what your time can afford. Pushing yourself to do what it is you have planned out for the day may seem too rigid, but it will definitely enable you to get things done. The same goes with sticking to your priorities. Although your kids should be above your business, it doesn’t make your business much less important. After all, it is what keeps the roof over your kids’ heads and provides all the other needs that they have. All in all, what will matter is how you make yourself stick to your plans and priorities (keeping them all from jumbling up) and how you keep your kids happy, and the business thriving.

♦ Ask for helpIt isn’t possible for a business to thrive with only one man manning it. Not with all the different concerns, necessities, and problems that will need different attention. Even with small businesses, you will still need an extra pair of hands and what else to gain more output. Asking for help or assistance, especially when you have children in need to be watched over, is not to be ashamed of. Being able to designate tasks in your office to your employees, whilst also having reliable help at home to do some of the chores or watch over the kids for you can bring in so much relief on your part.

♦ Accept what you can never changeIt can’t be helped that in business, as well as in parenthood, things are not expected to just unfold smoothly and perfectly all the time. Glitches and problems imminently just sprout out of the blue, and they will remain a constant challenge. However, things do not have to drag you down so low that recovering will be so much of a task. Sometimes, acceptance that certain things are beyond your control can ultimately lift your burden. What is important is that you learn from every bump in the road and learn how to avoid it in the future. Success can only be achieved when you are not let down by problems that will come your way, but instead, take problems as a challenge that are meant to happen so as to teach you invaluable things, whatever they may be.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, when you work all the time (at work or at home), it won’t be long before you’ll no longer find happiness and fulfillment in what you do. Your enthusiasm will slowly dwindle until you are seemingly functioning on autopilot. Getting burnt out with work is unhealthy from all aspects—business, family, and especially your health. Therefore, once in a while, take you mind away from your cluttered workspace and plan a much-needed and well-deserved vacation to give your frayed nerves time to rest.

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