It’s My Time For More Me Time

By on September 3, 2013

iStock_000007706240_ExtraSmallHere are some ways you can grab some more me time:

Learn to say ‘no’

The more often you agree to do favors, the more people will see you as a pushover. Don’t let others guilt you into agreeing. If you feel awkward saying no, try saying you’ve got something else scheduled at that time.

Schedule appointments for yourself

At the beginning of every month, take a look at your calendar and schedule some time slots for yourself. Once you’ve made a commitment in the calendar, you’ll be less inclined to break it.

Realize your family and relationships need the best from you

You’re no fun to be around when you’re tired and irritable. So, whilst it might be difficult to say no to joining your colleagues for drinks after work, your family and friends will appreciate the benefit of that decision.

Take Five Minutes

To help clear your mind so you relax, always take a few moments to breathe, to look around and take in your surroundings.


Some household chores should be farmed out to your kids or assigned to someone else such as your partner or if possible, a housekeeper.

Don’t make excuses

Don’t feel as though you have to make excuses as to why you want some time alone. You need to have time to recharge like everyone else.

Take an evening bath

15 minutes spent soaking in the tub will help you to wind down and sleep better.

Be true to yourself

The combination of having a successful career and a great family only makes sense if you genuinely feel fulfilled and happy whilst you’re doing it, so make sure you build some more me time into your life. Perhaps I’ve left out one of your favorites? It would be great if you could post a comment below to share for the benefit of others.

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