The REAL Reason You Can’t Find Any Free Time

By on September 3, 2013

Fotolia_34440685_XSTime management and stress management often get discussed hand in hand because they’re so closely interrelated. Learning to manage your time is both an effective and obvious way to reduce and control stress.

A major misunderstanding about time management is it takes so much planning that there isn’t enough time left to do what actually has to be done, let alone finding any me time. The reality is planning helps to save time in order for you to get the important stuff done. The goal of time management isn’t to find more time; it’s to set aside adequate time to get each task done and to make wise use of that time.

Being busy all of the time doesn’t necessarily mean you’re using your time wisely. Signs of stress attributable to time management problems include:

  • Always having to rush
  • Regularly missing deadlines
  • Fatigue
  • Wasted hours with little productivity
  • Inadequate time for yourself or personal relationships
  • Majority of time is spent doing things you don’t want to do

A good way to start managing time and stress is to keep a record of the way you’re using your time so you can objectively analyze and see where adjustments can be made.

Prioritize your goals; make a list using different columns (important, necessary, of lower importance and unimportant). Then, plan ahead. You might find lists (e.g., shopping lists, chore lists, ‘to do’ lists) helpful, otherwise just the simple act of physically writing it down can give a better perspective so tasks appear less daunting.

Procrastination is undoubtedly the biggest enemy of time management and a primary contributor to stress. It’s vital therefore to set stretched but realistic goals for yourself and to do your best to reach them.

So, where’s your free time going? Maybe you’d also like to share your thoughts on this for the benefit of others, in which case please post a comment below.

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