Top 10 Most Innovative Health and Fitness Tips

By on October 18, 2014

Fotolia_67518855_XSStaying fit and healthy is as important as working. After all, you can never continue to do your work, look after the house and run after the kids if you are not fit and yourself sick.

To carry on and live a happy life, it is really very important that you start paying attention to your body which otherwise, just might submit to the daily stress and work schedule.

The cool list

To help you out, we look at some really cool tips to maintain fitness and stay healthy in the everyday busy schedule. No, you don’t have to spend too much time, just a few changes and a few minutes, and this all changes the game for you

1. Eat more:

Yes, that is right. You got to eat more if you want to stay healthy. That doesn’t mean hogging up all the pizzas and burgers of the cafeteria. It means that you need to eat right i.e. fruits and salads and too at proper intervals of time.

2. A brisk walk:

Nothing beats the classic morning walk. If you can, all you have to do is get up a bit early and go for a brisk walk for 15-20 minutes only the fresh air would surely keep you mentally fit and the blood circulation well.

3. No workout, more household:

Well, it would be better to ditch the gym or the workout regime for a while. You should spend more time while playing freebie or may be chasing the kids or playing with the dog. Definitely a refresher for you, it will keep you physically and mentally active.

4. Hydrate:

That is right. If you want to stay fit and healthy, this is the best tip to be followed all over. The more amount of water you take in, the more your body impurities get dissolved and the faster your metabolism rate becomes.

5. Cut on the junk:

If you love eating candies, chocolates or burgers, you need to stop for some time to keep your body sound and it’s improve its metabolism. After all, a sound body makes a sound mind.

6. Share:

Even when you are eating something you’re not supposed to, it would be both polite and good for your health to share such a meal so that there are no extra calories you have to worry about.

7. Get your D dose:

Believe it or not, Vitamin D keeps you healthy and fit. So it is better that if the heat isn’t too much, you do go out and enjoy the sun.

8. Sleep more:

Who doesn’t like to sleep and rest? I bet you can’t resist that. Sleep more and get better rest. This of course relieves the stress and keeps your body absolutely fit.

9. Smart eating:

Bring in broccoli into your daily breakfast that would fill stomach and still not make you feel heavy or lazy. Try green tea to fresh up in the start of the day, always.

10. Last but not the least, be patient:

Rome wasn’t built in a day. So you got to hold the nerves and wait for the results to show up.

Stay happy, stay fit

So all you need to do to stay fit is hold on to these cards and play your game as it suits you. Don’t worry, results show up. If planning a trip to the beach or a long trip out, staying healthy comes first. So make sure you stay fit and have your EHIC card up in case of emergency. And stay happy, because happy builds the healthy.

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