Top 10 Essential Rules For Total Dietary Success

By on January 5, 2014

Fotolia_48320651_XSThese ten dietary rules (irrespective of what program you choose to follow) can dramatically improve your waistline and overall health:

  1. Avoid dieting. Being on a diet suggests it’s only temporary. Instead of ‘going on a diet’, tweak your current eating habits until you’ve got something that gives you the results you desire yet is still easy and healthy enough to follow indefinitely.
  2. Change slowly. Initial enthusiasm might lead you to want to change everything at once, however that strategy is prone to backfire. Instead, focus on improving your diet a little every week.
  3. Get all junk food out of the house and bring healthy snacks in. Remove all temptation by simply giving away or trashing all junk foods. Instead, have healthy snacks readily available so that you won’t beat yourself up when you might occasionally veer off course.
  4. Take your lunch to work. You’ll be healthier and save money at the same time.
  5. Go vegetarian a couple of times each week. In relative terms, vegetarian diets are generally healthier and lower in calories which is a win-win for you.
  6. Drink more water. Avoid juices that are often high in sugar or chemical sweeteners. By giving your body the water it craves, you’ll consume fewer calories and also be rewarded with better overall health.
  7. Eat nuts and berries daily. Nuts (un- or low-salted) in moderation are an excellent source of healthy fats and protein whilst berries are highly nutritious and have the added benefit of making many foods taste better.
  8. Get sufficient fiber. Track your diet and see how much you’re actually consuming. Only consider a fiber supplement if you don’t seem to be able to eat all that you should.
  9. Grill or bake, just don’t fry. With the right herbs and spices, you’ll develop a love for baked foods, letting you also savor the flavor, without the added calories from using unnecessary cooking oils.
  10. Exercise in moderation. Just a small amount of exercise has positive benefits and can also help curb hunger. Just make sure you move about sufficiently to increase your heart rate for at least a few minutes every day.

Just these few healthy rules/changes alone can lead to a dramatic improvement in your diet, health and appearance. Try them out today and also please tell us about your experiences by posting a comment below.

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