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By on September 3, 2013

Fotolia_56228745_XSIn terms of time management it’s all too easy to spend serious amounts of after work time on the computer to the point it starts to interfere with family and relationships.

If you’re allowing Internet relationships to threaten your personal relationships, then you need to take a step back and to challenge yourself with a series of questions:

  1. Am I spending more time on the computer emailing friends than I am with my partner/family?
  2. How comfortable would I be with my partner being able to take a peek at my personal email?
  3. Am I unable to spend even one evening with my partner or children without thinking about whether there’s an email waiting in my inbox?
  4. Am I spending time on websites or forums/chat rooms that I wouldn’t want my partner to know about?

If any of these self-checks hit a ‘raw nerve’ then perhaps you need to consider making a few changes about the way you use the Internet. It may be that you need to:

  1. Make adjustments to give your relationships the amount of attention they deserve. On the weekends, tell yourself you’re going to turn off technology and reinvest in yourself and your family/friends.
  2. Set strict limits and review the way you communicate with people who could potentially compromise the commitment you have to your partner.
  3. Make yourself readily assessable to your family at home and avoid the tendency to continue multi-tasking at home.
  4. Take the initiative and apologize to your partner for having been so unavailable and prepare an action plan to help you to change. Never allow the anonymity of technology to cross boundaries you wouldn’t normally cross in person. If you’re single, consider strategies to get you out and about more so you can meet real people in real situations.

Don’t let yourself fall in to the pattern of going to bed each Sunday night physically and mentally exhausted then expecting to be alert and efficient on Monday morning. If this is already the case, then you need to set some new rules for yourself and obey them.

Perhaps you’d like to share your thoughts or experiences on this, in which case feel free to post a comment below.

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