Write For Us

Want to write for LifeBalanceLiving? If so, we’d really like to hear from you!

We accept bylined ‘how to’ articles (practical advice, actionable tips and useful know-how) and opinion pieces (shared opinions, voicing of arguments, personal development news or current events) for publishing on our blog.

If you’re passionate about personal development and enjoy teaching like-minded folks then go ahead and submit an original article to us. All we ask is that you’re creative and remain respectful of other writers.

We’ll also pay you if it’s good. What’s more, you get to communicate directly with our editors – no form letter rejections.

This is a great opportunity to gain further presence for your blog and personal brand. Whilst we’re building our readership and ranking for LifeBalanceLiving you’ll also gain links and valuable exposure for your blog along the way. In other words, a genuine ‘win-win’ situation!


Guest Blogger Guidelines

What Can I Write About?

To keep things simple, here’s a broad (incomplete) list of topic areas to give you some ideas:

  • anger management
  • body image
  • career
  • goal setting
  • happiness
  • health and well being
  • personal development
  • positive thinking
  • productivity
  • relationships
  • relaxation
  • self awareness
  • self esteem
  • self improvement tools
  • self worth
  • spirituality
  • stress management
  • time management
  • working relationships
  • work life balance
  • work skills
  • and more…

Your content must be 100% up-to-date – things change rapidly online and consequently strategy must change with it.

We don’t insist your articles are exclusive to our site (though naturally we’d prefer it if they were), so if you’ve got existing content already on your personal site or elsewhere, we’re still happy to consider giving it a home here too. Just talk to us.

As it’s in everyone’s best interests, we’ll also check all submitted articles for plagiarism and copyright issues using CopyScape® and PlagTracker®. We do not accept anything pornographic.


What Writing Style Should I Use?

Our preferred content level is typically anywhere from Beginner to Intermediate. Make your content conversational by keeping it entertaining, informative, and succinct. We’d always actively encourage you, for example, to break down complex ideas, give step-by-step instructions, and to tell stories that help illustrate your ideas.

Please keep in mind this is a blog, so the easier users are able to understand, the more appreciative they’ll be of your content. Above all else, be interesting.

As a rough guide we’re looking for 500-1000 word articles however, the exact word count is precisely how many words it takes to get your point across in a blog post — no more, no less. To that end we’re looking for posts that provide value to our readers.


What’s in it for me?

In addition to linking to your website in your author bio, you’ll be tapping into the hyperactive community of personal developers and self-helpers that visit the site each day looking for fresh, useful content.

We therefore insist upon helpful, informative content… not sales copy. We want to sell YOU, the personal development genius, on the LifeBalanceLiving site… not your products and services.


Guest Blogger Submission Checklist

  • All guest posts must be edited, proofread and spell-checked prior to submission. (No outgoing links are permitted in the body of your post). If the article needs major revision it will be returned to you.
  • The article should be about some aspect of self development (see guide above). If it is an advertisement for your product or business it will be rejected.
  • The article should typically be between 500 – 1000 words
  • Use hard returns ONLY at the end of a paragraph. (Do not use a hard return ‘enter’at the end of each line).
  • Making allowance for writing style, please stick with correct grammar and sentence structure.
  • Include a short 3-5 short sentence bio and photo, along with relevant website and social media links. Your bio may contain two active links that pertain to you and your business or outreach. However, links that are obviously paid advertisements will result in your article being rejected.


Send your guest content for consideration to: support@lifebalanceliving.com

We really look forward to working with you!